John E. Michaelsen

– President

John E. Michaelsen

John Michaelsen founder and CEO of Capital Growth Properties, Inc., brings an impressive background in the real estate industry and a distinguished military service record. With decades of experience, John has solidified his position as a respected leader in the field.

After serving as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy from 1966 to 1970, John traded his Navy uniform for a civilian’s suit and tie and embarked on a successful business career. He holds a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia University, which has greatly influenced his strategic approach to real estate.

John’s professional journey began at U.S. Guaranty Capital, where he served as vice president utilizing his expertise and contributing to the company’s growth. He later joined Citizen’s Financial Corp., where he continued to excel in the role of vice president. During his tenure from 1973 to 1976, John managed the company’s San Diego branch office, skillfully negotiating, underwriting, and closing construction loans for a variety of real estate projects. Additionally, John provided expert advisory services to the National Mortgage Fund and Citizens Growth Properties, both real estate investment trusts.

Prior to founding Capital Growth Properties, John co-owned and served as president of Capital Advisors, Inc. This prominent firm specialized in comprehensive real estate services, encompassing property acquisition, planning, construction, leasing, and management throughout San Diego County.

In his role as president and CEO of CGP since its inception in 1982, John has demonstrated unwavering dedication and a strong commitment to excellence. His leadership has propelled the company’s growth and solidified its reputation as a trusted industry leader.

John Michaelsen’s contributions extend beyond the realm of business. He actively participates in various esteemed professional organizations and serves his community in key leadership positions. As a former trustee and former treasurer of Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial, honors and preserves the memories of those who have served our nation. In addition, John’s past roles as president of the San Diego County Apartment Association, La Jolla High School Foundation, and chairman of the La Jolla YMCA showcase his commitment to fostering positive change and supporting community development. Furthermore, his years of involvement with organizations such as the La Jolla Town Council and the La Jolla Country Club demonstrates his dedication to enhancing the local community.

With a wealth of experience, a strong professional network, and a deep commitment to integrity, John E. Michaelsen is an invaluable asset to the Capital Growth Properties team and a driving force behind our continued success.

  • Mt. Soledad Memorial Association – Trustee & Treasurer
  • San Diego County Apartment Association – Past President
  • La Jolla High School Foundation – Past President
  • La Jolla YMCA – Past Chairman
  • La Jolla Town Council – Past Board of Trustees
  • La Jolla Country Club – Past Board of Directors