Commercial Leasing Services

At Capital Growth Properties, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial leasing services.

As the owner of a commercial property, you might think of a lease as a ladder to a secure and increasingly profitable financial future. It is the job of our commercial leasing team to maintain the strength of that ladder by solving the complex and often frustrating problems that present themselves as the needs of landlords and tenants change over time. We do so with creativity, integrity, and vision. All you have to do is continue to climb the rungs of financial success.

Our team partners with property owners to innovate leasing solutions that are efficient, financially sound, and in line with their short- and long-term goals. Whether you are in the lease-up stage of a new multi-unit commercial property, striving to maintain maximum occupancy of an existing property, breaking ground on a project, or trying to lease an individual commercial space, we can provide you with a customized leasing program that is unique to your needs and aspirations.

Commercial leasing services we provide include:

  • Marketing using a variety of media
  • Lease review, analysis, drafting, and negotiation
  • Maintaining a “good neighbor” policy with the community, association, and governmental agencies
  • Negotiation of lease amendments
  • Clear, effective communications and timely resolution of problems with tenants
  • Lease renewals
  • Property visits with recommendations for property and vacant unit improvements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive lease file review

Our leasing agents also represent tenants in a variety of matters, including renewals, relocations, terminations, subleasing, analysis of lease terms, location analysis, and every variety of negotiation.Our experience in representing both tenants and landlords gives us valuable insight into both sides of the relationship and allows us to take a non-adversarial approach to lease negotiations, without unnecessary friction, delays or cost.

When issues arise, we respond to them immediately and do not rest until they have been resolved. We are here to serve you and your tenants, and we are happy to accommodate your requests as to how we can best do so.

In the end, it is our goal to create a situation in which both the landlord and the tenant feel supported, listened to, and well taken care of

Get to Know Our Commercial Leasing Team

Our Commercial Leasing team comprises some of the most

kknowledgeable, thoughtful, and skilled professionals in the industry.

We have assembled a group of people that are guided by exceptional principles and a true passion for buying and selling real estate assets. We invite you to learn more about our real estate brokerage team and then contact Capital Growth Properties today for further information about how we can make the most out of your transaction.